About Me

I love people, art, story, and travel. I guess my ideal day involves swapping stories with a friend while drinking a frothy latte outside an art gallery in an exotic foreign locale. I used to have days like that all the time, but now I don’t feel like much of a global adventure magnet. Funny, I sure didn’t start out that way either. But I’ve found that adventure is always out there, wherever you are, just waiting to be found.

I grew up in the town of Harmony on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, with its booming population of 75 people, three million chickens, several dogs, and my two imaginary friends. It wasn’t until after college that my traveling lifestyle began.  I’ve visited all 50 states, almost 50 countries, and six continents. (I’m holding at six continents – with no desire to add Antarctica to the mix.) I’ve even lived in several of those states and two countries in Eastern Europe.

About Me

After 21 years as a missionary with Cru, I fulfilled my childhood dream and wrote my debut book. We Wait You has already been translated into Romanian. My other publishing credits include several short stories in various anthology books and numerous articles (even winning an Amy Writing Award for one of them).

I married the love of my life, Steve, in my forties and – just seven years later – beat all my friends by being the first to become a grandmother. There is someone, however, who’s even more important to me than Steve. My relationship with Christ gives my life its purpose, direction, and deep abiding joy.

Not too long ago, my husband and I relocated from the bustling San Francisco Bay area to a sleepy town in North Carolina. These days, I tutor writing at a small university where I recently graduated with a Master of Arts in Writing degree, while moonlighting as a writer and speaker. I’ve come full circle, minus the imaginary friends, that is.