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Unexpected (Fan) Mail

August 24, 2012

Every week, I carve out a little time to respond to something I’m almost embarrassed to talk about, something which still takes me by surprise. Some may call it fan mail, but I consider it ministry. It’s an opportunity for me to continue the conversation with people – perhaps on the other side of the country […]

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My First Ever Writing Award

May 1, 2012

I’m thrilled! I’ve just won my first writing award. Check it out: The Amy Foundation chooses articles published in the secular press that promote a Biblical world view. They attempt to "recognize creative, skillful writing that applies in a sensitive, thought-provoking manner the biblical principles to issues affecting the world today, with an emphasis on discipling." I […]

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Gobsmacked and Flummoxed

February 24, 2012

To say I am amazed doesn’t quite carry the wallop I want, so I turn to my British counterparts with their richer vocabulary. I am gobsmacked, flummoxed even. (Astounded, bewildered.) But mostly I am humbled. My little book has sailed past the 2,000 mark. And I’m not doing a thing. I never expected it to […]

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