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Change: It’s Inevitable

September 25, 2015

One of the constants in life is that nothing remains constant. Things change. It’s inevitable. You may embrace change, being bored with ruts and enticed by the hope of something new (that’s me!). Or your default emotion may be apprehension, preferring the familiar with its problems to the unknown. Some change is good and long-anticipated, […]

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September 3, 2014

I love seasons. The distant memory of growing up with four distinct seasons is what propelled Steve and I eastward when it was time to move on from California. Each one ushers in its unique beauty and symbolism. Each one also brings parts we’d rather do without. Kind of like life. Every place I’ve lived, […]

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One Day

October 16, 2013

One day can make all the difference. With just one day off work for our annual fall break holiday, added to the weekend for a three-day getaway with Steve, I returned home refreshed.   All those lovely “R” words. Rested. Reinvigorated. Relaxed. Sometimes trips are less than restful. The actual travel time can be tiring. The […]

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I’m so glad for October

October 2, 2013

Today, in honor of the magnificent season beginning to bedazzle and beguile us with God’s artistry, I thought I’d share some of my favorite autumn reflections.   October by Robert Frost O hushed October morning mild, Thy leaves have ripened to the fall; Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild, Should waste them all. The crows […]

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