Last Times

The wind is pretty fierce on our sunset cruise.

The wind is pretty fierce on our sunset cruise.

I have moved a lot and I’ve learned a few things about leaving. It’s important, for closure’s sake, to say your good-byes to people. For me, this means carving out quality time with the ones who are important to me, but also taking the time to say good-bye to the people I see on a regular basis, people I may not know very well but whose presence I will miss. This includes barristas at my favorite coffee places, mechanics, bank tellers, store clerks, people I pass as I walk through their neighborhoods.

When I think of leaving the Bay Area, I will miss more than people. To leave well, I also need to say good-bye to places. Since December, Steve and I have been doing things and going places for the last time, starting with Christmas shopping in San Francisco’s Union Square. On Friday, we took a sunset cruise in the bay for the last time. The next morning, we had breakfast at our favorite place on the top of Mount Tamalpais for the last time. We’ve been planning this move for years and so we have the luxury of fully experiencing this season of our life – both the joys and the sadnesses.

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