Small World

My dear friend Susanna, who lives in the middle of nowhere in Asia, emailed me this week to tell me that she had received a copy of my book. I had wanted to send her one, but it seemed impossible to get it to her. The postal system is not very reliable where she lives. Amanda, Susanna’s friend in the States who I’ve never met, bought We Wait You and thought that one of the characters sounded a little like Susanna. Amanda also wanted to send Susanna the book but was stumped on how to do that. Just as I had done, she prayed that God would make a way. Meanwhile, another couple (who I don’t know but Amanda does) bought the book for their in-laws. It turns out that their in-laws live in Susanna’s exact same city. The couple returned to Asia last week with a copy of my book for Susanna safely tucked inside their luggage.

This was not the first time something like this happened in Susanna’s life. Many years ago, as a high school student in the middle of nowhere in Romania, Susanna sat at her kitchen table and leafed through a copy of The Four Spiritual Laws, left behind when the Jesus film had come to her village. She had not seen the film and didn’t know why the booklet was on her table. God captivated her heart through His Word in that booklet that day, and Susanna gave her life to Christ. Susanna’s story reminds me that God can find us even in the remotest of places or the darkest of circumstances. The world is small to Him.

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