Do you like adventure?

I know I do. Especially when the adventure has a purpose, maybe even an eternal purpose. I believe life is an adventure – one to be fully lived and shared with others. Sometimes it’s dramatic (in good ways and bad), but mostly, it’s about perspective. Seeing the humor when things don’t go as planned. Spotting inspiration in the little things. Finding traces of the divine woven throughout our days.

Even in my everyday world that’s often mundane, my friends say things happen to me. I guess I attract adventure like a magnet. At least, it provides the fodder for my ponderings. I like what G.K. Chesterton writes:

“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.”

I’m glad you dropped by for a visit. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and come join the adventure with me. You can find out more about my debut book, read my blog, and let me know your thoughts.


“Candid . . . a fresh voice”

Inspiring and with humorous moments, We Wait You is the real-life story of hearts transformed after the 1989 revolutions that forever changed Eastern Europe, as told by one woman who made a difference.




The second edition of We Wait You has been released! When you purchase, be sure to click on the edition which lists May 26, 2014 as the publication date and Trusted Books (an imprint of Deep River Books) as the publisher.

new electronic version is available in practically every format–not just Kindle. It now has a clickable Table of Contents and a nice low price! (Published by BookBaby on February 18, 2015.)



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