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No Room … at the Halfway House

December 19, 2018

I’m sure you know the story. A young, poor couple, the girl pregnant yet a virgin, traveling on their way to register for a census. The days were completed.  The time had come for the baby–announced by an angel and prophesied long before–to be born. They couldn’t find housing, so she gave birth in a […]

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The Impossibility of Being Set Free

March 8, 2018

Have you prayed for something for so long, with no answer, that you’ve begun to doubt that it’ll ever happen? You might even think it’s impossible.My husband and I, along with an army of people from our former church in California, have had such an ongoing request. Last night, we received news so wonderful that […]

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What God Intends for Good

December 27, 2012

In one year, everything has changed for our friend Chester. This time last year, he wanted his life to end. Now his heart sings with joy indescribable. His life has purpose. It matters. Chester has lived inside San Quentin for close to 20 years, incarcerated for 50-years-to-life because of three robberies. The combined total amount […]

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