Empty Seats, Empty Tables

Photo by Jack Brown on Unsplash

Our number has been cut in half this year. With the loss of both my parents, my father last year and my mother three months ago, we’ve gone from four to two. Any season of grief is hard enough, but the holidays magnify the sense of loss and sadness exponentially. We all expect to be surrounded by family, by smiling happy family, and when we’re not, we’re disappointed.

This is our holiday season of firsts. First one without any parent. First one with just my husband and me. To not only survive the holidays, but to make them special and meaningful, we have to be intentional.

6 thoughts on “Empty Seats, Empty Tables

  1. Jeanie Ganssle

    I love the comment and thought of holding grief and gratitude together a little bit like joy and sorrow mingled together- thanks for sharing your journey m.

    1. Taryn Hutchison Post author

      Thanks, Jeanie. It reminds me of Hinds’ Feet on High Places, with Much Afraid holding the hands of Sorrow and Suffering. But this quote has a more positive spin!

  2. Wanda Heustess

    This is so beautiful, Taryn, and so heartfelt. I love the idea of holding both grief and gratitude together with outstretched arms to the Lord. Lean into the Spirit of the season and may you find joy in your memories as you create new traditions.

  3. Rebekah Poplin

    Thank you Taryn for sharing how you & Steve are embracing where you are and creating new traditions! In early Novembstr, I attended Grieftshare group ‘Surviving the Holidays” and am thankful how God is helping me celebrate who is now in my life while appreciating the warm fuzzy memories of my parents!


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