Going Backward

Every week, babies change. They grow. They develop. It’s exciting. Parents, grandparents, everyone marvels the first time the baby does anything. Smiles. Rolls over. Laughs. Recognizes their hand. Crawls. Stands. Each new word is reason to cheer. Each accomplishment, no matter how tiny, is met with enthusiasm. Videos are made and shared. Every week, if they are healthy, babies accumulate new skills in their repertoire.

At the other end of life, people with dementia also change each week. But instead of adding skills, they lose them. They go backward in their development.

10 thoughts on “Going Backward

  1. Sue Smedley

    Thank you for sharing the process, Taryn. Others I know with the same, “recognize love”. Thank you for your faithfulness to both of your parents. You inspire us all.

  2. Loren Latourelle

    May God in His mercy hear your prayers for your mom. And give you strength and endurance until then. What a hard sad season. And what a gift you are to your mom (and everyone else around you). Praying for comfort and joy and peace that truly passes all understanding.

  3. Brenda Collins

    Taryn, my heart truly hurts for you. It’s a pain like no other to watch how cruel dementia/Alzheimer’s is to our loved one’s. It can be so subtle at first. Sometimes it can progress slowly, then quickly other times. It can be so different for each individual that is stricken with this disease.
    As much as I miss my mom and grandmom, I know they are in a much better place.
    Make the most of what time you have left with your mom. Cherish the memories, as I know you do.
    Thoughts and prayers.

    1. Taryn Hutchison Post author

      Brenda, it means so much to have friends who understand, who’ve been there. I love your reminder to cherish the memories and the moments I do have. Thanks!

  4. Valerie

    Taryn, I am praying for you and Steve through this hard time. Also for your mother. I understand the situation and pray for peace, patience, and God’s love.


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