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Cutting the Parts People Skip

July 16, 2024

July is half over and I’m not yet half finished with my one huge task for the month: revision. Thinking of this causes me stress. I am revising my third and final novel, Three Colors of Courage. It’s an action-packed conclusion to the series, and it’s so good–really good!–that I can’t wait to get it out […]

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Doing What You Do for Joy

September 14, 2021

I’ve been struggling for several months now with my late-in-life career change. Writing has stopped bringing me joy. Mostly that’s because I stopped writing when my parents’ dementias demanded a whole new level of caregiving. It’s hard to find joy in something you’re not doing. But this has led me to some introspection. Do I […]

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What Inspired Me

October 9, 2020

Writers are often asked what, or who, inspired them to write their story. Some might try to evade that question, make up an answer, or mutter, “I don’t know.” Well, I’m not one of those writers. I know exactly what my why, my inspiration, is. Here’s how it happened:

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