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Cultural Lessons at the Grocery Store

November 19, 2011

Now that I’m a working woman again, I had to buy my Thanksgiving groceries today. On a Saturday. The last time I did that, I lived in Marin County, California. The difference startled me. In Marin, grocery shoppers are cut-throat any day, but especially before Thanksgiving. Patrons whipped their carts through the aisles aggressively, mirroring […]

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A Slower Pace of Life

May 14, 2011

My life has slowed down a few notches since moving from San Francisco to a small town. This is a change I’ve embraced with open arms. As the days grow warmer, I remember my epiphany from last summer. The reason Southerners like to sit on their porches and sip sweet tea (picture Andy, Opie, and Aint Bea) is because it’s just too […]

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