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We're On Our Way!

November 22, 2009

After our church’s Harvest dinner and Thanksgiving service (our favorite service of the year), Steve and I will leave the Bay Area first thing in the morning. Our car is filled to the brim and our hearts are also full. We are thankful for God’s abundant blessings, grieving the loss of our friends and family here, and hopeful about the future God […]

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Counting Down

November 16, 2009

Saying good-bye to the place at Lake Tahoe where we had our wedding lunch When Steve received his retirement clock several years ago, it registered 1,500 days. At this moment, it shows he has just 4 days, 13 hours, and 27 minutes left until retirement. We are in our final week in California, and the clock is […]

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Making My Peace with San Francisco

November 11, 2009

As I’ve shared my excitement over our impending move to North Carolina, it may seem as though I’m indifferent to leaving the Bay Area. Joy has been my overwhelming emotion, but that changed the day I flipped the calendar to November and counted the remaining days. That’s when the sadness began. Transitions are just plain difficult. […]

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Where is Home?

October 11, 2009

The site of our daily head trauma Steve greeted me at the airport last night with open arms and a hearty “Welcome Home!” It was so good to be back together with my husband, but a thought has been nagging me all day. Am I home? Where is my home now? If home is where […]

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And Now for the Fun Part

October 5, 2009

Boxes and more boxes I am safely ensconced in our snug little North Carolina town, enjoying my favorite part of moving: unpacking. That’s after a six-hour delay in the San Francisco airport (you know you’re in trouble when you have a 7:00 AM flight and they offer lunch and dinner vouchers while you wait), and another […]

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