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Good-Bye, Billy Graham

February 24, 2018

My home is sandwiched between Billy Graham’s homes. Today, I was present to witness the procession carrying his body from his adult home in Montreat to his childhood one in Charlotte, right past my small town. Right past people old and young, many too young to have known him in his vibrancy. Past people of […]

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A Good Quote that Screwtape Never Said

October 25, 2016

I wish it was true. I’ve read the quote on Facebook. Probably you have, too. It’s been attributed to C.S. Lewis, but he never wrote it. In The Screwtape Letters, the senior demon Screwtape instructs his demon-in-training nephew Wormwood how to handle the “patient.” We are the patients. There’s so much truth in that paragraph, laden […]

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