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Old Friends Relive a Shared History

March 6, 2017

My weekend with writing friends, wonderful as it was, quickly became overshadowed the very next weekend. This time, I flew to Orlando (a better place to visit in February than Chicago). This time, I was with friends from Romania. Eight American women, my former teammates who served in Romania right after Communism fell, reunited for four days. […]

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New Friends Write a New Story

February 28, 2017

I’ve been home for a week now after two back-to-back weekends away. Both weekends were spent with groups of friends. Both are the kind of friendships that give back. That nourish my soul. But that’s where the similarities end. The first weekend was with new friends, while I share a significant history with the second group. (More on […]

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Give Kindness a Chance

January 27, 2017

Don’t you wish we could erase last year and have a do-over? Aren’t you tired of all the contempt spewed, from both sides, regarding politics? I’m not just referring to the politicians. I’m talking about my friends. People who I like and respect, who used to keep their politics to themselves, now feel free to express […]

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