A Cold in the Cold

untitledUnless you live in Phoenix or San Diego, you’ve felt the effects of this week’s polar vortex, setting low-temperature records all over most of the States. This arctic blast caused our thermometer to dip down to zero degrees Tuesday morning but, unlike many of you, we have not been socked with snow. Not even a flake. (Actually, we haven’t had more than a simple flurry in over two years. A little snow might be nice.)

Steve further insulated the snug house for our tough, porch-dwelling cats, pictured above. They don’t even know to be proud of the badge of honor they earned after surviving the cold snuggled in together. Our cats remind us of the sled dogs left behind in Antarctica in the movie “Eight Below.”

I admit that, unlike my cats, I haven’t had to rough iimagesDBO6EPMQt this week. I haven’t even stepped outside since Monday, when I left work with a cold-turned-sinus-infection. It’s never fun to be sick, and I do feel pretty miserable, but I can’t think of a better time to be homebound. Not only have I missed driving in this frigid weather, but the students have not yet returned to classes. I’m ready to feel good again, though, and hoping to be healthy by the time they get back.

The days at home have given me more time to catch up on the news. Two things about this arctic weather have particularly interested me.

One is that on Tuesday, the temperatures in Charlotte, North Carolina were lower than they were in Antarctica. Of course, it’s summer in Antarctica. (Realizing that fact reaffirms my decision to stop at six continents with no desire to ever go there.)

The other involves the global-warming scientists who were stranded in the ice in that same lovely continent for more than a week. Whatever your stance on global warming, you have to admit that’s pretty ironic.

Hope you are not under the weather. Here’s to sunnier days ahead! Certainly they are getting longer every day.



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