A Second Language

A Second Language

We Wait You has now been translated and re-published in its second language! The new translation (called "V-am Asteptat") is in Romanian.

Last September, headed back to the airport in Bucharest after one of my all-time best ever weeks, my train – delayed by several hours – stopped in the Carpathian Mountains for less than an hour. After an amazing weeklong celebration of God’s work over the years with some of my favorite people on the planet, I dared not hope that it could get any better. But it did. It was just enough time for me to meet the wonderful national director of CLC International (formerly Christian Literature Crusade – interesting that they recently dropped the word "crusade" with its negative baggage the same as Campus Crusade did). It turned out to be enough time for the fulfillment of a dream of mine to begin to take shape. 

After many emails and faxes across the ocean, and much laborious translation work, the book is now completed in the Romanian language. The CLC team changed the cover to reflect a building which will evoke the Communist era to Romanian readers, choosing Ceausescu’s so-called Palace of the People. No other building could possibly be more suitable. Although the storyline of my book travels in and out of several countries, Romania is the foundation. Eight out of the twelve chapters  take place there. It’s the first country to which I gave my heart and so I couldn’t be more pleased.

Any day now, the book will be available on their website. And so I wait, full of hope that God will be glorified and His people encouraged to trust Him for even more.

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