Another Book Launches

The book I’ve been researching and editing, basically slaving over, at work for almost two years, A Fair Star Rises, was launched on March 31st. A_Fair_Star_Rises_Lenoir-Rhyne

My name only appears in the acknowledgments, but I know the book would never have happened apart from me. It’s my first editorial project. And, although it’s short, it’s a nice sentence!


My final read-through of the manuscript before publication, at my home on a snowy winter Saturday.12439231_10153893075894269_355178233702088602_n

Meanwhile, I’m halfway through with a novel I’m writing for my capstone portfolio in graduate school. After that, I have another partially-finished project in mind. This one involves my great-great-grandfather’s 150-year-old diary, when he was a Union soldier in the final year of the Civil War. He fought in the Blue Ridge Mountains, for both sides, originally drafted as a Confederate soldier.


Behind the scenes, I’m still writing and learning and growing. And God has answered my prayers by giving me oodles of ideas and motivation. Now I just need more time! Some day you’ll get to see the finished products. Hopefully, there will be more books to add to my shelf in the not-too-distant future.

2014-09-28 17.44.46


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