Being Missional in Boredom

“Missional” may be a current buzz word in churches today but the concept is not new. As followers of Christ, our lives have purpose. Everything we do and even say must be driven by that purpose; must help fulfill our mission. We live our lives intentionally and strategically, out among the people of the world, reflecting God’s missionary heart and embodying the life of Jesus in our communities.

Even in boredom and drudgery, we can live out our purpose. Brother Lawrence practiced the presence of God as he peeled potatoes in his 17th century monastery. Most days, my new "administrative" job doesn’t exactly engage my mind. I’m assisting a gentle soul who has done the job alone for 30 years, burdened by a workload that overwhelms her, yet having trouble letting go. Our office could benefit greatly from some delegating, time management, and instilling ownership to the new kid. (Don’t worry, no one I work with even knows I have a blog so I’m safe to say this.)  If the work was all there was to it, I would question whether I’m in the right place.

But it’s not. My purpose is bigger than the clerical tasks or the paycheck. It’s in the missional aspect of becoming an insider at Lenoir-Rhyne University. I took this job hoping to make some friendships with a few college students, meet with them on my lunch breaks, and be used of God in their lives.

And then I found out what’s already happening here. The Cru (Campus Crusade) group at L-R is student-led and it’s on fire. Roughly 10% of the student population is involved. When I was on staff with Campus Crusade, I dreamed of having a group like this. They love Jesus, they’re sharp, they have strong social skills, they’re strategic, they’re relational. The Servant Team is made up of leaders who have influence with their peers – Greek Presidents, star athletes, even the Homecoming Queen. Each year, about 25 go on summer projects. Graduating seniors are coming on staff. It’s unheard of for a small campus without a full-time staff team.

The Cru staff coach assigned to L-R, responsible for 20 other campuses radiating out from Charlotte, visits when she can and is excited for my help. There’s also another former staff couple who pastor a church in town and help out. I’ve met with all of them and found kindred spirits and instant friends. We all think God has great plans for L-R students and something big is happening here. And I get to be part of it.

I don’t know exactly what my role will look like, but I know it’s why I’m here and I can’t wait to find out. I can handle a little boredom for this.

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