The Glorious Muddle
glimpses of grace in the messiness of life

January 30, 2013

About this Blog

Life is messy and it’s also magnificent. Traces of grace can be found in both the mire of daily drudgery and the moments so spectacular that you know it has to be God.

I blog about things on my heart and mind as I attempt to live my imperfect life of faith, a life that intersects with the world – whether it’s my small corner of it or the larger world out there. Some days my blog may be funny. Or thought-provoking. Maybe even inspiring. But always different. Because our days are unpredictable like that.

The one thing that doesn’t change in my life is the one who gives me grace, always sufficient, to muddle through. Beauty and adventure might be around the next corner. And so I wait … and hope … and trust.

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