Cool Air

Cool Air

The day we flew to the West Coast was the day the horrendous heat wave descended on the rest of the country. Weather maps showed every part of the United States in shades of red except for one narrow strip of yellow. That strip started in San Francisco and ended in Seattle. We were headed out of the fiery red and into the cool yellow.

Passengers congratulated each other on our brilliance in planning a trip now, at this particular time. When Steve and I first stepped outside the San Francisco airport, greeted by a blast of cold air and goose bumps, we laughed. I hope that when you look at this picture of the fog descending on the area where we used to live – the Bay Area’s natural air conditioning – you will feel cooler; not hotter with jealousy.

Our first few days have brimmed over with fun times of reconnecting with good friends. We have felt deeply loved and missed. Memories, sifted like panners’ gold so that only the good ones remain, have left me thankful for all the years I had here. But as we describe our new life in North Carolina, friends hear our gratitude and certainty that God is the one who led us and is planting us with deep roots. There are enough reminders that life is never perfectly ideal anywhere we live. The traffic last night – two hours to travel 18 miles out of the City – combined with the prices have removed any trace of doubts about why we left.

And left us with full, thankful hearts – cool air to our souls.

Happy Fourth of July to you! I do hope you find a spot in the shade to celebrate the freedom God lavishes on the undeserving – not only to those of us who call America home but especially those of us whose true home is with His Son.

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