Freelance, or just Unemployed?

Whenever people ask how my husband and I like being retired, I’m quick to tell them that Steve’s retired but I’m just unemployed. But that’s not actually true. It’s not that I’m not working; it’s just that I’m not making much money and I’m working from home. Put those two things together and it feels like I’m unemployed. People who see me at home, or hear that I’m on a trip, undoubtedly think I’m living a life of leisure.

I thought you might like to know a few of the starting-a-freelance-writing-career-type-projects that occupy my time:

  • Two of my short stories have just been published in two separate anthology books. (One of them arrived in the mail today!)
  • I’m on a seven-week rotation of Faith and Values writers for our local newspaper. My first article came out a couple weeks ago.
  • We Wait You is being translated and re-published in Romania. This involves a whole lot of details long-distance.
  • My book will soon will available for purchase as an e-book. More details to manage.
  • Meanwhile, I’m jumping on any speaking opportunities that come my way and trying my best to continue to write new material.

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