Gracias, Senor!

Gracias, Senor!

In the midst of daily news accounts of homicides and economic woes, a watching world has been able to witness good news unfold this week. The safe rescue of the Chilean miners has inspired us all. These 33 men traveled up from the bowels of the earth into the light, greeted by cheers usually reserved for football stars. Rather than threaten to sue the mine company or the Chilean government, the miners kissed their flag and their wives, hugged their President, and gave glory to the Lord.

You may have noticed the miners wearing identical T-shirts, bearing the words “Gracias Senor!”(Thank you Lord!) with the left sleeves sporting the Jesus film logo. The T-shirts were gifts from Campus Crusade in Chile, who sent down MP3 players loaded with the audio Jesus film and portions of the Bible a couple weeks ago. The men had a lot of free time to listen.

News accounts have referred to their rescue as a "re-birth." These men have been given a second chance at life. During the ordeal, one of the miners sent back these words:  "I am well because Christ lives in me." Another quoted Psalm 95:4: "In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him." Amen.

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