Graduation … for real!

Finally, after 3-1/2 long years, I graduated. Didn’t you just do that, you may ask? This time it’s for real.


It’s official. The asterisk beside my name in May, when I walked in the commencement ceremony in Asheville, has now been removed. Last night, as I stood for two hours in an open doorway, blasted by arctic air while I handed out graduation programs (part of my job), I was so thankful I’d chosen to walk in the ceremony with perfect weather and a livelier atmosphere.

For the finishing touch to complete my degree requirements, I turned in a 277-page Young Adult novel. The feeling of accomplishment was made a little bit sweeter since I turned sixty a few weeks ago.


No degree comes without a whole lot of help from a whole host of people, and I am thankful to all of them. My professors. My fellow classmates. The university where I work. And especially my husband who’s put up with me doing homework again, after a thirtysome-year hiatus. I feel blessed by God, humbled to have had this opportunity that many people much smarter than me never get, and expectant about the future.



6 thoughts on “Graduation … for real!

  1. Valerie Hutchison

    Mike and I are so proud of you! I know our Heavenly Father will continue to use you in a mighty way, for his glory. He uses those who are obedient

  2. Elaine Moore

    You look so much like your Mother in the photo in front of the Christmas tree! So beautiful! Adding my Kudos to your list of friends who are so proud of this accomplishment, Taryn. You have every reason to be very proud and happy as you add this to your long list of lifetime achievements!
    Much Love ~ Elaine


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