Happy Birthday!

imagesOn August 22, 2008, I gave birth to a healthy 12-ounce book. That was five years ago. As the final days of 2007 drew to a close, I submitted my original manuscript to the publisher. And then I waited.

It felt like I was expecting a baby elephant. My grueling eight-month gestation period was actually longer than two years when I add the time it took to write the book. The waiting – especially at the end – was physically painful, and the final pushes made me think I was actually in labor.

But there was another birth a couple weeks earlier which made mine pale in significance: our first granddaughter. And makes all my talk of physical pain sound silly.imagesCA571A4R

I thought younger siblings might soon follow, but now I think my book will be an only child. The experts predict that by the time a book turns five, it’s a has-been. I didn’t want to believe that, especially when my banner year came later than normal – in 2012 – thanks to the United Methodist Women including We Wait You on their National Reading list.

Since the publication date, I’ve learned a lot about the industry and wish I could start all over again. I find I did things in the wrong order. My book came out before I had any kind of an online platform established. From the beginning, I’ve always held my baby with open hands, offering it back to God to use – or not use – however He wants.

I’m humbled when I look at my binder full of letters and comments, realizing that somehow, God took my frail and unschooled words and turned them into something that brings Him glory. May He continue to do that.


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