Introducing . . . the Second Edition!

My long wait is over. I’d like to introduce to the world . . . (can you hear the imaginary drum roll?) . . . We_Wait_You_cover the second edition of We Wait You!

Actually, at first glance nothing has changed.

  • Same look.
  • Same cover.
  • Same text (with two minor typos finally corrected).
  • Same story.
  • About the same God.
  • Who does the same impossible acts.

But it’s all new for me.

  • New publisher.
  • New ISB number (978-1632690920).
  • New contract.
  • Soon, a new ebook will be released.
  • Again, sales reports.
  • Again, peace of mind.

My new publisher is Deep River Books, with their imprint of Trusted Books. I love their tagline from John 7:38:  “…out of the heart will flow rivers of living water.” For the back story on why I have a new publisher, read here.

Old copies are still available at Amazon, so be careful when you purchase. Be sure to buy the new edition which has a publication date of May 26, 2014. Please, DO NOT buy the format with a 2008 publication date. It’s an old copy.  I didn’t realize that a publisher’s name is always embedded in the bar codes. Since the old corrupt publisher (Wine Press) has closed down, the money from those sales goes nowhere — at least, not to me.

My book is about waiting (hoping) in God, who alone is worthy. Once again, I hoped in Him. As always, He proved Himself faithful.

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.

Psalm 130:5

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