It’s a Mystery

Driving to work this morning, I heard a song on the radio that set my heart pondering the unfathomable mystery that is Christmas. The Eternal God, enthroned above the heavens, entered space and time for 33 years. The God of the Universe condescended to don human skin and walk on the earth he formed. The arms that comforted and eyes that pierced were the arms and eyes of The Holy One of Israel.

The Ancient of Days once had a hand so small it could wrap around his mother’s finger. The Lord of Lords and King of Kings humbled himself to depend upon people he created to feed him, change him, teach him to talk.

It’s still a mystery to me
That the hands of God could be so small,
How tiny fingers reaching in the night
Were the very hands that measured the sky.

It’s still a mystery to me
How His infant eyes have seen the dawn of time,
How His ears have heard an angel’s symphony,
But still Mary had to rock her Savior to sleep

“Here with Us” by Joy Williams

May you have a blessed Christmas pondering the mystery in your own heart.

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