It's A . . . . nother Book!

It's A . . . . nother Book!

As the old adage goes, “a watched pot never boils.” Neither does a watched mailbox ever yield whatever it is you’re expecting. When my book We Wait You was due after my nine-month publishing gestation, I walked out to the mailbox every day, full of hope, only to have it crushed when I realized the waiting game would have to continue for another 24 hours. I tried with all my will to push this baby out, experiencing the agonizing (if not physical) pains of labor. And then the bouncing book finally arrived; and my obsession transferred from the mailbox to the daily sales reports. Like a new baby, the book was always present on my mind.

That’s why I found it so refreshing that this time, I forgot. I completely forgot that another baby was on its way, that I had a contract for my third short story to be published.  When Steve returned from the mailbox with a package in his hand addressed to me, I was actually surprised when I opened it and saw what it held.

My story in this Cup of Comfort book is called “Worth the Wait.” It’s my story of waiting on God and His provision of Steve. I re-read the story today, and except for a punctuation error (on the editor’s part – not mine), it’s a story that I’m proud of. Just like a new parent.

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