This past year, I’ve been juggling way too many balls, and thankfully, I will be laying one of them down in a couple weeks. I’ll leave my administrative job at Golden Gate Seminary the last week of June. While I truly will miss the relationships, my overwhelming emotion is relief at letting go of one too many projects. I’ve had Marketing My Book, Working at the Seminary, Doing More Writing, Looking for a House, and Preparing for the Move all suspended in mid-air as I frantically try to keep the balls from dropping. Now I can concentrate on the Book and the Move. The Job will not be an issue for the next few months.

I am not a woman who takes pride in her ability to multi-task. Honestly, I don’t think I’m any good at it. I end up doing a mediocre job at many things rather than doing one thing really well. I always tell my husband that the devil invented multi-tasking; at least, he somehow inspired us to think it’s the preferred way to live. When we become exhausted from keeping up an insane pace, we can go to the opposite extreme, erecting boundaries like fortresses complete with guards who shoot arrows into any poor sap who approaches us with a need. We replace saying "yes" to everything with either screaming "no" or passively not saying anything at all.

Instead, I’m trying to re-organize my priorities in a way that gives me time, emotional and physical energy, and finances to spare so that I can be available to the people and needs God brings into my life each day. If I err, I want it to be on the side of loving and serving others – not on the side of protecting myself because I’m too busy. Isn’t that how Jesus lived His life on earth? And in juggling fewer balls, I think I’ll be better able to do that.

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