Let the Show Begin!

I’m a bit overwhelmed. Steve and I are in Denver for the International Christian Retail Show. Over 1,000 stores, 53 countries, 500 companies, and thousands of people are represented. Sunday morning, Anne Graham Lotz led us all in a worship time. From there, I went to a luncheon for international publishers (while Steve went to a Colorado Rockies game). Afterward, we met back at a reception for everyone involved with my publisher, Wine Press.

As we’ve trusted God to make connections happen with the right people, I’ve met a Polish publisher who was led to Christ through Campus Crusade and knows many of my good friends quite well.  I’ve also networked with people who publish in Romania and Germany, many small bookstore owners in the States, and a person who can set up media interviews for me. I’m hopeful God will do exceedingly more than I can even imagine for We Wait You this week.

The only difficult thing for me is being so close and yet not able to stay on in Colorado for Campus Crusade’s huge biennial staff conference. In the 21 years I was on staff, I probably went to that conference in Ft. Collins 12 times. It’s been 8 years now since I left, and I would love to see my dear friends again. Instead, I had to settle for our opening night speaker at ICRS being a Campus Crusade staff member, Josh McDowell. Josh and I even exchanged copies of our books (his latest one and my only one).

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  1. Loren

    I’m praying for you! Thought about you much yesterday. Can’t wait to hear all God does as a result of your time there.


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