Let's Prove Them Wrong!

NEWSFLASH: The long wait is officially over. My book is now available to purchase!

As I worked on We Wait You, editors kept telling me, “You are a good writer and you have a compelling story. However, stories about missionaries just do not sell.” I pondered this. Why don’t missionary books sell? Many of the ones I’ve read have been rather, well, boring. I don’t think mine is. Some feature missionaries who seem larger-than-life, out of the reader’s reach to emulate. In my book, I’m just myself – a regular person stumbling through cultural blunders and wondering how in the world I could make it. But I did make it, and if I could, anyone can.

The point of We Wait You is that God is the One who enables you to do whatever He has for you. Not just missionaries; it’s equally true for stay-at-home moms, accountants, farmers, students, you name it. Someone who’s never shared Christ in a foreign land can still benefit from my book.

I’m convinced that those editors just don’t know. I’ve looked into the eyes of hundreds of young people going on short-term mission projects. Over 500 of you hit this blog in the first 48 hours of its existence. My copy-editor with Wine Press predicts a change in the industry since young people are more globally-oriented now.

Together, let’s change the market trends. Let’s rise up with one voice and say, “Yes! We are interested in stories about the world being reached for Christ.” Let’s prove them wrong! One way to do that is to buy a copy of my book for you and all your friends. If it does well, the message will be stated loud and clear. Just click the link to the right of this column (Buy This Book Now) and your voice will be heard. How’s that for shameless marketing?

2 thoughts on “Let's Prove Them Wrong!

  1. Lauren Beyenhof


    I’ll never forget the ways you described your joys and frustrations to us about your experiences as a missionary. You made me more aware of how I can pray for the day-to-day life of those our church sends to the mission field.

    It’s a blessing to know you. I look forward to reading your book.


  2. Shandra Galloway

    Brava Taryn!! So proud of you and thank you for sharing the perils of publishing for us. There are so many times I have said, "Why haven’t I written about my experiences overseas?!" You have done it and it shows your stamina and character. Can’t wait to read your book and prove the publishers wrong. I, however, am staying firmly in the wimp category.


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