Life Returns

Image by kie-ker from Pixabay

Every morning, I see that more blades of grass have pushed against the hard crust of dirt overnight, casting aside the lids of their temporary coffins. Tiny buds, like goosebumps on the arms of trees, begin to blossom, turning the trees into seas of white or pink or purple. Daffodils laugh as their bright yellow trumpets dance.

Once again, spring stubbornly thrusts itself upon the world, ready or not, transforming dull brown into a riot of color. The blades and blooms rise, as they do every spring, and my spirits rise with them. Against all odds, life returns.

4 thoughts on “Life Returns

  1. Valerie Hutchison

    This is a sweet reminder of loss and healing, growth and the passage of God’s work in our lives.


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