Flipping the calendar page

Turning the calendar page this morning symbolized two things to me. February is history. And March is back.skipping lamb

March is here

Fickle March roared in to Western North Carolina this morning like a lion, bringing its bitterly cold breeze. Hopefully it will skip out like a gentle lamb, flanking the month like bookends of the symbols of Christ –  the majestic Aslan-lion of Judah and the spotless sacrificial lamb.

To those are you who love Romania as I do, Happy Martisor! Today is Little March Day (pronounced Mart-see-shore) – a celebration of all that is beautiful – spring, love, hope, and friendship. It reminds us that no matter how barren winter may seem, it will pass; replaced with the vitality of new life. Snowdrop flowers push their delicate-looking white petals through the snow, proving once again that they are anything but fragile. And anything but dead. The hardy blooms have survived the frost, biding their time until the day is right to burst upon the world. Hope is just around the corner.Martisor Spring is coming!

And it reminds us of the darkness of those three days when it appeared as though Jesus was dead and defeated, only to burst forth victorious out of the grave, not a day too soon or a day too late. Spring’s imminent arrival makes me think of the Lion who will right all wrongs and the Lamb who gave his life so we can have new life.

February is over

The contest to enter for a chance to win a free copy of my book is officially closed. Never fear – the drawing was conducted in a completely scientific manner, and I can now announce the five winners. (Drum roll, please.) And the winners are:

  1. LeAnn Gregory
  2. Marny Taber
  3. Becky Bjorngaard Jones
  4. Janell Starr Iyer
  5. Wanda Faivre

Congratulations! (I’ll be contacting each of you lucky winners this week for your snail mail address to send you the book.)


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