My First Published Magazine Review

Ten minutes ago, I walked in the door from a weekend away with Steve (celebrating our mutual birthday) and I found this in an email from a friend. My book was reviewed in World magazine! Following is the article in their November 15, 2008 edition under the section called Culture Beat:

Best-Selling Books
"Notable Books: Four books from Christian publishers" reviewed by Susan Olasky

We Wait You: Waiting on God in Eastern Europe | Taryn R. Hutchison

Taryn Hutchison was a Campus Crusade missionary whose one-year missions trip to Romania in 1990 turned into a 10-year stay in Eastern Europe. She writes with humor and affection about her experiences in lands emerging from decades of Communist imprisonment. She lived in sometimes-dismal situations, saw flames shoot out of her walls, suffered pickpocketing, robbery, and assault . . . and loved her time there, where people were hungry for the gospel.

Embarrassing episodes—traveling in Romania and unexpectedly getting her period and finding there are no feminine hygiene products available—share the pages with spiritual triumphs and the trials of daily living.


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