My New Job (Hopefully, My Last Job)

My New Job (Hopefully, My Last Job)

The long wait is finally over. As of a few hours ago, I am employed again.

All week, I’ve been expecting news about the position I interviewed for last, never leaving my phone out of arm’s reach. Until yesterday.  Steve and I drove to a town an hour away to meet some friends from Budapest, and I was a bit nervous. I checked my messages late in the day as we left our friends, and since there were none, we stopped for dinner on the way home. I ended up missing THE call by just one minute! On my voicemail, the Human Relations guy sounded somber, not at all upbeat like I’d expect if he was bearing good news. He said they’d finalized the decision; he had a full day of meetings the next day but promised he’d snatch a few minutes to call with the results.

Another day spent next to the phone, but not wasted.  After a sweet time of prayer, I prepared for a Bible study I lead at church, studying lies women believe about God.  It seemed as though God was preparing me for disappointing news, aligning my perspective with His own. I affirmed back to Him that even if someone else got the job, I’ll still believe that He’s good, that He’s sovereign, that He loves me and has my best interests at heart. I told Him I’ll trust that He has a purpose in me not getting that job, and that His purpose is for my welfare.

After six hours glued to the phone, Steve encouraged me to go ahead and take a walk. He promised he’d be there to get the call. Naturally, as soon as I left, the phone rang.

I returned to find my husband with compassionate eyes full of pity. He knew the decision. The H.R. guy said he wouldn’t make me wait any longer (I’ve been waiting on this particular job for over four months). From my husband’s countenance, it was obvious that I wasn’t chosen. My first thought was to keep my promise to God, regardless of my feelings, and express my trust by thanking Him in all things.

“I’m so sorry, Sweetheart,” Steve said. “You got the job.” I never suspected my husband’s latent acting talent. Together, Steve and I thanked God – from hearts overflowing rather than out of sheer obedience. I also asked God to help me never take this job for granted, humbled to be chosen from a pool of 72 applicants in an area where unemployment rates are off the charts.

I’ve come full circle in my working life. I’ll be at Lenoir-Rhyne University, a small Liberal Arts school reminiscent of my alma mater, Salisbury University.  My position as Administrative Assistant in the President’s Office feels like my first professional job as a student secretary in the Dean of Student’s Office. I’m thrilled to be at a college campus once again, after investing years of my life working with Campus Crusade.  This will be more than a job for me; it will be a place of ministry. I’m hoping this will be my last job and that I’ll end the way I began: pouring my life into students.

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