My Two Favorite Little Girls

Emmy and Lucy

Emmy and Lucy

This week we met our littlest granddaughter, Emmy, who will turn three months old in a matter of days. Emmy is happy, laid-back, mellow, and sweet. She sleeps most of the day and when she’s awake she’s usually smiling (except for the afternoon Steve and I babysat). That is quite a contrast to her big sister, Lucy, now 18 months old. As a baby, Lucy was hyper-alert and hardly ever blinked, not wanting to miss one second of the action. Lucy makes her presence known wherever she is. She is a toddler on the go. She keeps us all laughing with her ever-changing expressions and running to catch up with her.

Steve and I are exhausted, and proud, grandparents this week. We’ve shared everything with the girls: pre-licked orange slices, fistfuls of Cheerios, slobbery kisses, the girls’ colds, and pieces of our hearts. Every time I get down on the floor to play, I think, “What else can I do while I’m down here?” My knees creak and my head throbs from congestion, but I wouldn’t trade this time with these two girls for anything.

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