My "Welcome to Morganton" Gift

Within two hours of posting my last blog, I was able to fulfill another item on my To Do list – check out the medical care in our new town. I just never expected to get to do it so quickly.

While I was in line at the post office, I saw a massive amount of floaters and flashers (and I don’t mean men wearing trenchcoats) in my left eye. Thanks to the trauma that several people in our church have experienced lately with detached retinas, I knew to get medical help immediately. I found the one opthamologist in town and drove straight there. The doctor closed up the places my retina was ripped with a laser right there in his office. He said, "Now if you have more problems while you’re out there in California, don’t you come flying back here. Not that we wouldn’t love to see you, because we surely would, but we want you taken care of a might bit quicker than that."

On my way out, one of the nurses said, "Oh my, you are having a time now, ain’tcha? This isn’t much of a Welcome to Morganton present. I think we can do better when you come back, you hear?" Another nurse said that Somebody was looking out for me. As always, God’s handprint was clearly evident in my life. Turns out, the retinal specialist isn’t usually there on Mondays, but he was that day and they were able to squeeze me right in. Now I can confirm it. The medical care in our new town is top-notch. And God’s care remains constant.

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