Pray for the Balkans!

Please pray for the Balkan countries of former Yugoslavia:  specifically Serbia, Bosnia, and eastern Croatia. They are experiencing the worst devastation since the 1992-1995 war.10330430_10203152899335709_7751911669088456360_n

This week, torrential rain fell on the area. It was the heaviest rainfall since they started keeping records 120 years ago. The region received over three months’ worth of rain in just three days.

floodCountless people are now homeless. Many are dead. In Bosnia alone, more than 1 million people (one quarter of its population of 4 million) are affected. Thousands are in immediate need of emergency services, while fears of food shortages, economic crisis, and disease loom overhead.

Entire villages in Serbia have been swept away, leaving rotting livestock carcasses. Rivers have burst their banks, triggering  hundreds of landslides and threatening the country’s largest power plant, the Nikola Tesla plant in Belgrade. In Bosnia, landslides have buried houses and disturbed landmines laid during the war twenty years ago.140519-flood-serbia-530a_7b1a4d6f2385f12f5e1318d88113c9e0

Many of you know that this part of the world is the first place I fell in love with outside of my home country. God used former Yugoslavia in my life to call me to Eastern Europe. I love these lands and especially these wonderful, passionate, yet hard-headed people. People so desperately in need of a Saviour.

Please pray for the Balkan people. Pray not only for their temporal needs, but ask Jesus to use this horrible catastrophe to pierce their hearts with His great love for them.

Pray that the following would be experienced in the Balkans:

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.  Isaiah 43:2

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