Pray for Ukraine

1489215_10203351881983648_1922313755_nThe demonstrations in Kiev began at Thanksgiving time, but it has picked up intensity in the last weeks. Finally, it’s being given major news coverage in the States. Some things you won’t hear on our news shows, and some images will never be shown.

My missionary friends in Ukraine sent me this photo of prayer tents set up right in middle of the fighting.Feb__18_14_6

And this one shows Ukrainian believers on their knees, crying out to God in the main square.Ukraine_today

Fires still burn in the center of Kiev as 20,000 people hold out against the government’s determination to clear them using violence, bloodshed, and death.  This brings back memories to me of the revolution in Romania in December, 1989. The Romanian one ended in hundreds of deaths (no one is quite sure how many). It also was much shorter-lived and culminated in victory for the people. In Kiev, people have been camped out in Independence Square for almost three months now. It is anything but short-lived.

Ukraine was the Bible Belt of the former USSR, with a strong underground church that remained faithful amidst great persecution, similar to the situation in Romania under Communism. Another similarity with Romania is that while the fighting rages on, the church is praying fervently. My friends report that every hour there is prayer from the main stage of the protestors.  There is not a human answer to this situation. It will take a miracle that only God can bring about. Churches across Ukraine are on their knees, praying for their country. Let’s pick up their prayer baton and join them.

We can pray for God to intervene and that He would be glorified. That the president, government leaders, and opposition leaders would humble themselves before God. That there would be no more bloodshed. For the people of Ukraine to turn to God. That Christ-followers would continue to find their strength and hope in the Lord.

Let’s pray for the peace of Ukraine.

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