The Redbud Post

Introducing . . . The Redbud Post, the new home and publication of the Redbud Writers Guild.

Today’s the day! The Redbud Post is being unveiled! The Redbud Post provides thoughtful, biblical, and feminine perspectives on literature, theology, church, ministry, leadership and culture and more. It is the official site of Redbud Writers Guild, of which I’m a member.

redbud-widget-red1We are a vibrant and diverse movement of Christian women influencing our communities, culture and faith. We fearlessly expand the feminine voice for God through our writing.

You can find me on the list of writers. Scroll down towards the bottom of the list, where the names beginning with “T” are found. If you click on my name, it’ll take you to the sole blog I wrote, with more to follow. My book appears on the rotating covers (you can click to buy).

Writing in community, in a like-minded community, is a game-changer. My fellow Buds inspire me and challenge me. Many of them are much farther down the road and they shine a light for those of us who are relative inexperienced newbies. What I love most about the Buds is how non-competitive they are. We’re all in this together — trying to glorify God through our writing.

I haven’t been the most active Bud so far, what with being focused on finishing my Master’s degree in writing. But that day is drawing closer (one year to go!). And then I intend to give back  to the Buds who have been such an invaluable help and catalyst to me.

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