Setting All Kinds of Records

Setting All Kinds of Records

This December is the coldest one since 1917 in the Carolinas, with just one day recorded above freezing. (And that day barely eeked by with a high of 33 degrees.) It’s hard to remember how it felt a mere six months ago when we Carolinians endured the hottest June anyone can remember, with the summer having more days reaching 90 degrees. And last winter was the snowiest one in recent history. We’re blasting all the weather records out of the park. And that’s not only here, but all over the Midwest, East coast, even Europe and Asia. Everywhere, it seems, but California.

I know why we’re having such bad weather. I’m a jinx. My definite statements have come back to haunt me. When Steve and I were planning our move from California, the first thing everyone said to us was, "Do you know it’s humid there? How can you leave this perfect climate?"

"Oh, we’ll be fine. We grew up in humidity. It’s no problem," I said emphatically. "Besides, I like hot summers and cold winters."

So, you see, it’s all my fault. And I’m sorry.

All I can say is, at least we have seasons.

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