Shalom, New York

As we all sit stunned by the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, I will stand with my friends in NYC to pray for the peace of that great city. Will you join with us? Praying for the “shalom” of a city refers to the general well-being. And the people of New York need that right now.imagesCAA0UYPX

King David wrote in Psalm 122:6-7: 

          Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:
          “May those who love you be secure.
               May there be peace within your walls
          and security within your citadels.”

 When I visited Israel several years ago, one thing that struck me was the number of signs I read saying, “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.” Another was the typical greeting I heard on the streets. People didn’t say “Hello” or “How are you?” but instead they said “Shalom” at both the beginning and the end of a conversation. Peace is always on their minds.

 Let’s pray for the “Shalom” of New York. These photos of Ground Zero, flooded today, and after the unspeakable assault on 9/11, remind me of the critical need for believers to unite our voices and hearts in prayer – not only for New York but for the entire eastern seaboard.


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