Shifting My Focus

It is finished. My job at Golden Gate Seminary is now over. For the next month, I will focus on marketing my book. To that end, I just launched my brand new website, which I’m rather proud of since I built it all myself, at no cost. Check it out at  

Next week, Steve and I will travel to Denver to attend the International Christian Retail Show, the largest gathering of Christian retailers in the world. It’s sponsored by CBA (Christian Booksellers Association) which will be celebrating its 60th birthday at the event. (CBA was started in the same decade as Campus Crusade, the Navigators, Billy Graham Association, and Youth for Christ.) This show should be a great way to get some exposure for We Wait You. I’m praying especially to make some good connections among the international publishers.

Ever since my book came out in September, I’ve been waiting ten months for this huge annual event to kick-start the publicity. From the beginning, my vision has been for the publicity campaign to dovetail with the 20th anniversary of the Eastern European revolutions, which will be September – December, 2009.

The month of July, for me, is dedicated to doing everything I can to prepare for the big push in Fall 2009. In August, I’ll shift gears again to prepare for our move to North Carolina. So . . .  who says I’m not working anymore?

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