Sometimes You Get What You Wish For (well, not exactly)

The last two Fridays, I bounded out of bed in the wee hours of dawn, which is not even close to my normal morning sit-on-the-side-of-the-bed-in-a-stupor-and-stare-into-the-closet routine. I ran to the window, fully expecting to see mounds of white stuff covering our yard. Only a light layer of frost greeted me. Not enough to have my work call it a Snow Day.

331-150x150The first Friday that happened, I was crushed. Disappointed doesn’t even come close to describing it. When I arrived at work, I warned everyone that I was in a bad mood. The weather predictions had been so ominous, I had closed everything down in the office when I left the night before, certain of extending my three-day Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend to a four-day one.  OK, I’ll admit it. I’d gotten greedy.

Kurt-Alexa-and-me-in-snow-150x150I wanted to recapture the feeling I had as a child when I woke up to see the world transformed with sparkling snow. My brother and I would race downstairs to huddle around the heater, drinking real hot cocoa (made with milk on the stove) and listening to the radio for school closings. The words of our county, our school being read brought sheer jubilation. Freedom! We’d bundle up and run outside with our German Shepherd. Alexa loved Snow Days as much as we did.

Was it too much to ask for a day off work? Well . . . I got it. Several in fact. But they didn’t come the way I wanted. This week, I’ve been too sick with my virus-turned-sinus-infection, unable to speak or even breathe. My brain’s been too fuzzy and my body too exhausted to enjoy the time off. About all I’ve done is sleep and read. Which, come to think of it, are two of my favorite activities.

However, while I’ve been sleeping, some little elves have been busy at work on my new website and blog. The new site will go live soon – maybe even tomorrow. You will be able to find both at If you forget, just google my name and it’ll pop up. Soon you will not be able to find me at this blog address (whether you got here via authorweblog or authorhub). Once we’re live, I have a special offer cooked up that I’ll announce. More on that later.

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