Surrendering your Platform

Soap-boxSome people have platforms; others dream of achieving status and fame. But whether we can call it a bonafide “platform” or not, we all have someone who observes our life, either close-up or from a distance, and listens to what we say. They watch how we live our life and the choices we make. Usually they do so to emulate us, but sometimes it’s to criticize us.

If we only knew the breadth and depth of our spheres of influence, I think we’d all be amazed. And perhaps more careful. If you suddenly achieved notoriety, would you do things differently? Would you be willing to surrender your platform and acclaim to someone, or something, other than yourself?

Here in the South in autumn, about the most valued platform is that of a football star. Entire communities get swept up in college football fever. Everyone dresses to match the school colors. Depending on your city, your wardrobe could become exclusively orange or blue or red, regardless of whether you look good in orange or blue or red.

My small campus is abuzz with the excitement of our football teamh-armstrong-roberts-american-football-game-running-back-heading-into-group-of-blockers making it to the play-offs. They have performed valiantly and we are all proud of them. However, I’m even more proud of the significant portion of the team who seek to follow Christ, desiring to walk in a manner worthy of His high calling.

These young men have had the limelight thrust upon them. Many of them have surrendered their newfound platform to spread His message of love and hope. Click here for the stories of three of these football players (all guys I know) talking about how they invested their summers apart from football. These articles are published on the campus website for all to read.

I’d say they are using their platform well. They have chosen to surrender it to another’s Glory.

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