The Beauty of an Unscheduled Day

Nothing makes me feel suffocated faster than having my schedule jam packed with meetings and activities, always running to the limit and beyond of my emotional and physical energy. I love having flexible time in my schedule, time to be open to whatever (and gracious to whomever) God brings across my path that day. I like to start each day by inviting Him to rearrange the plans I’ve made. I find that I’m more willing for that to happen, not to mention more pleasant in general, when I’ve allowed myself some breathing room.

Last week, I gladly put my agenda on hold when some truly remarkable people stepped into my life.

  • Thomas introduced himself as a New Yorker. I don’t remember why I mentioned Hungary, but I’ll never forget how his eyes sparkled when he said, “I am Hungarian.” He left as a child after the war. Most of his Jewish family had been killed. Thomas asked what I did in Hungary and was truly interested that I helped people learn about Jesus Christ.
  • Steve and I spent Sunday afternoon with Moy and Lenssa, aged 8 and 10. Their single dad, an immigrant from Ethiopia, needed someone to watch them while he worked. We played on a jungle gym where they renamed us Indiana and Mrs. Jones.
  • Priscilla is an African American believer who took two hours cutting my hair and fellowshipping with me. Her heart was raw from her grandfather’s murder last month, caught in the crossfire of a drug deal gone sour. Priscilla regretted not becoming a missionary when she was younger. I watched her encourage each person in that salon with a hug or a timely word, and affirmed that her salon is her mission field.

I’m thankful I wasn’t so busy I missed out on these divine appointments.

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  1. amy douglas

    Taryn, I just bought your book.  Looking forward to reading it.  When ordering I looked at some of your reviews on amazon.  It’s neat to see people loving it so much and really connecting to you.  I’m really happy for you.


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