A Crescendo in a Time of Anti-Climax

People ask me all the time if I’m excited about our move. I’m beyond excited. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. A kid who has already shaken her present and knows exactly what she’s getting. A kid who just wants to open it so she can start playing with it. And I have six anti-climactic weeks (after unloading the moving truck in North Carolina and returning to California) in which to tread water in our tiny kitchenless studio. Timing is everything, and now I see a purpose for me in this time of limbo. While I wait for our official date to leave, several events have been building independently backstage and are about to converge together into a glorious crescendo.

First, an excerpt from We Wait You will be the featured cover story in the November/December issue of one of my favorite magazines, Women of the Harvest. I will also be the guest blogger on their online magazine for those same two months. (More on this once it’s in print later next week, with a link for you to check out.)

Second, we will launch the long-deferred publicity campaign for We Wait You, set to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Romanian Revolution, the event framing my book. Twenty years ago, the impossible happened in Eastern Europe. In early autumn 1989, Poland and Hungary became free, against all hope. The Berlin Wall was torn down on November 9. Later in November, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria shook off their oppressive regimes. And on December 22, a different revolution burned, a revolution with the rallying cry, "God exists!"  This revolution was not merely an exchange of power; it was bloody. Many innocent and courageous people sacrificed their lives so their countrymen could become free. I can’t think of a more perfect and honoring time for this crescendo for my book to climax.

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