A Job Well-Done

This man single-handedly took a power plant off-line

This man single-handedly took a power plant off-line

OK, so I’m not quite done bragging about my husband. One thing that was pointed out at his retirement bash is that as a result of Steve’s work in energy efficiency at Pacific Gas & Electric, he provided his customers with energy savings equivalent to the output of a small power plant. In other words, he saved enough power to take care of the energy needs of approximately 20,000 homes for the next 40 years.

Our new town in North Carolina has a population of 17,000. Steve has saved enough power to provide for everyone in our town until the year 2050. He has basically taken a power plant off-line by reducing the number of megaWatts, kiloWatt hours, and therms it takes to run it.

I was reading in Ecclesiastes this morning about how God gives us the ability to take satisfaction in our work. Steve should be satisfied with the work he has done to help care for this beautiful world God has entrusted to us all. Well-done, Sweetheart!

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