A Time to Celebrate

This week marks one year since our dream house became ours, and eight months since we moved in. We are celebrating! The way we found our house was totally a God-thing and it’s obvious that He prepared the way for us. This is the first home I’ve ever owned. Taking care of a house and a huge yard is a lot to start at the ages when most people downsize, but we’re up for some physical labor. And because of the aches that come with that, we’re thankful that one surprise benefit has been how much easier it is to sleep here with no one living upstairs. Every night, the only light outside is the lightning bugs and the only noise is the melody of the cicadas.

Maybe we’re still in a honeymoon phase, but we love our new life and new town. We finally chose our church and no longer feel untethered. The decision was very difficult with several wonderful churches in town. In such a short time, we’ve come to love many people who are members of churches we didn’t choose (making the decision harder), and we’re thankful that our friendships with them will continue to grow. We’ll be working shoulder-to-shoulder with them to reach this community for Christ.

One challenge for Steve and I has been adjusting to being home together each day. Neither of us has a real job since Steve’s retired and I’m unemployed. (Actually I’m freelancing from home, but my intermittent checks make it feel like I’m unemployed.) But we’re getting into a rhythm and keeping very busy with boundless ministry opportunities, relationships to build, and a gorgeous area to explore. God has been good to us!

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