Mosquitoes: Why?

God’s creativity soars in the animal world. Magnificent deer. Comical kangaroos. Ponderous elephants. Cuddly koalas. What was He thinking when He made mosquitoes? My husband, bless his heart, never gets bitten. He has a natural mosquito repellant: Me. People love me in the summer time. Whenever I’m in a group, it’s as though everyone is doused in Off and encircled by citronella candles. Everyone except me. I end up looking like a teenager covered in red acne welts.

Today is one of those days when I question why I wanted to become a writer. I have a short story and an article due this week and I’ve spent the last two hours staring at my blank computer screen. Writing is such a solitary activity (especially when attempting to work from home). I need people to energize me. Problem is people energize me so much that I forget about writing. Today, I decided to prime the pump by working on this blog, hoping that ideas would begin flowing. As you can see by today’s subject matter, that hasn’t happened yet. All that’s happened is that last night’s mosquito bites started itching. Again.

So I researched some fun facts for you about the mosquito. Only the females bite. Figures. They live between 3-100 days and the friendlier males only live 10-20 days. Each female lays between 100-300 eggs at a time and produces between 1,000-3,000 offspring. And the reason they bite us is that they require the protein from our blood for their eggs. Lovely. So I’m helping each one that bites me to produce up to 3,000 more delightful mosquitoes. I come back to my original question:  Why?

1 thought on “Mosquitoes: Why?

  1. Jason Hew

    Ha! Great question Taryn.  We are now living in the country side and it also happens to be the wetter side of the island.  So…we too have a mosquito problem.  I don’t mind getting bites, but poor Aubrey! She’s got a couple big red bites on her right now.  So sad. Why Lord? I’m sure there is some reasonable explanation.  Perhaps that was somehow left out of the 3rd chapter of Genesis in all the curses left to man. "And for the both of you, I will create buzzing, flying, annoying little creatures that will multiply by the thousands and do so by your own blood!"  Come visit us soon so they stop biting Aubrey. 😉


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