An emotionally charged day

Many of my friends have told me that the most difficult day of the year for them is Mother’s Day and that they cannot handle going to church that day. Their loss is magnified in the hoopla of the celebration. These are women who have been trying to have children for years, women whose children have died or have major illnesses or disabilities, single women who are still waiting for God’s provision of a husband, women whose children are estranged from them. Yesterday three more friends, who sat stoically through the presentation of carnations and the sermon on the virtues of motherhood, confided their pain to me through their tears.

Last year, I published an article entitled "Does Mother’s Day Belong in the Church?" in which I asked if it’s worth making the women who already feel appreciated by their children feel even better at the expense of making so many others feel a whole lot worse. I cited examples of a few churches who’ve charted a new course. One pastor gave a rose to every woman in the congregation, regardless of marital or reproductive status. Another church banded together to offer free car repairs for single moms that weekend. Another decided to leave the celebrating to the children and husbands. 

Don’t get me wrong. I realize a mother’s sacrifice and labor of love is never-ending and needs to be honored. But please, in appreciating the mothers, let’s not forget the many women who are deeply hurting.

2 thoughts on “An emotionally charged day

  1. Kelly Womack

    What a great post, Taryn!  I love it when a church decides to not make a big deal out of mother’s day and recognizes all women. 


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